Viotek GN32Q Review – Affordable 32” 144Hz Curved QHD Gaming Monitor

Viotek GN32Q is setting up to be an excellent choice for those who want a great QHD gaming performance with big size screen while not spending a fortune on it. This monitor is packed with great specs, technologies & features while also having superb aesthetics and most importantly- it is budget-friendly (keeping in mind that it is 2K gaming monitor of course), but does it deliver high-end gaming performance or does it fall short on its promises & goals? Lets find out:

Viotek GN32Q


  • Screen size: 32 inches;
  • Resolution: 2560 x 1440p (2K);
  • Response time: 1ms MPRT or 4ms GtG;
  • Refresh rate: 144Hz;
  • Weight: 18.6 lbs;
  • Panel type: VA;
  • Static contrast ratio: 3000:1;
  • Dynamic contrast ratio: 20,000,000:1;
  • Display colors: 16.7 million;
  • sRGB coverage: 98%;
  • Brightness: 300 nit;
  • Aspect ration: 16:9;
  • Connectivity: 1 x DisplayPort, 1 x HDMI, 1 x Dual Link DVI;
  • Dimensions With Stand(WxHxD): 28″ x 16.6″ x 8.1″;
  • VESA compatability: YES 100 x 100;
  • Screen coating: Anti-glare/Matte;
  • Input lag: around 4ms;

Strong points:

  • Viotek GN32Q has a very luxurious & elegant design with gorgeous rose gold finish used on all the parts. It features ultra-thin profile & frame less design which enhances viewing experience by making it more believable as well as making it perfect for multi-display setups;
  • The build quality is surprisingly pretty good. Although lightweight, the materials feel somewhat robust & relatively well-crafted with no warping or unwanted flexing on the plastics while also keeping the monitor nice & steady without wobbling;
  • The monitor is easy to set up; Viotek GN32Q
  • Image quality of 1440p resolution with 92 ppi (pixels per inch) pixel density on 32 inch screen looks relatively sharp & clear delivering good level of detail & clarity on-screen;
  • Color performance is solid with its 98%sRGB coverage. Its not amazing by any means, but it does deliver some vivid & vibrant colors that remain somewhat consistent and pretty accurate throughout;
  • 144Hz refresh rate allows for buttery smooth and seamless gaming experience with very fast and precise movements in-game;
  • AMD FreeSync technology eliminates screen tearing and stuttering by synchronizing GPU’s produced framerate with Monitor’s refresh rate to deliver the smoothest, most responsive & lag-free gameplay experience;
  • Great black and white levels thanks to excellent contrast ratio of 3000:1 that is capable of providing users deep & oily blacks alongside bright & clear whites;
  • Ultra low input lag of around 4.2 ms ensures highly responsive and snappy controls & movements in-game;
  • Low response time of 1ms MPRT makes transitions between fast-mowing scenes and objects on-screen to appear clear and detailed without the annoying effect of ghosting or smearing;
  • The monitor is curved which gives users more engaging & immersive gameplay experience;
  • Low Blue Light technology enhances viewing comfort by filtering out harmful blue light which can cause eye strain; Viotek GN32Q
  • GN32Q comes with pre-calibrated RTS/FPS gaming modes for different gaming experiences
  • OSD menu is user-friendly & comfortable to navigate;
  • 300 nit brightness level will leave users with nice & bright images;
  • No backlight bleeding;
  • Low price tag;
  • VESA mount compatible;

Negative points:

  • Lack of height, swivel & pivot adjustable stand, users can only sightly tilt the monitor;
  • Unfourtunetaly, GN32Q does’t feature a lot of connectivity options, it’s rather limited in terms of connectivity options;
  • No 3.5mm audio jack;
  • There is slight color deviation in the middle and upper portion of the screen, however it is rather subtle and isn’t readily visible at a glance;
  • No USB ports;
  • Doesn’t come with DisplayPort cable (although comes with HDMI);


Overall, Viotek GN32Q is a great performing QHD gaming monitor that truly surprised many users for number of reasons: blazing-fast 144Hz refresh rate, 1ms MPRT response time, QHD resolution, AMD FreeSync, VA panel with superb contrast ratio alongside luxurious design, user-friendly OSD menu, very low input lag, solid color performance and more for a surprisingly low price, which makes it truly stand out above its competition.

However, it’s not without its flaws & that is to be expected. GN32Q lacks in ergonomic adjustments such as rotation & height, it’s also rather limited in terms of connectivity options, doesn’t include USB nor 3.5mm audio jack, no DP cable & there is slight color deviation especially in upper portion of the screen (however like I’ve said it is subtle & it doesn’t stand out unless You look closely for it).

All in all, Viotek GN32Q offers an incredible value for the price & it is easily of the best QHD gaming monitors in this price range.

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8 Replies to “Viotek GN32Q Review – Affordable 32” 144Hz Curved QHD Gaming Monitor”

  1. Hey Evald!
    Omg I heard so much about Viotek, it is to die for! Is there a version with a wider screen, or do I get a few monitors with the same design to give that experience?

    Viotek is not very popular in Malaysia though, and I can’t seem to find a reason why. I hope they would establish a base here :/

    1. Hey Riaz 😉

      Thank You for taking Your time to read & comment on my articles, I appreciate it! I am very glad You enjoyed my review 😉

      Viotek creates great gaming monitors that are able to provide high quality gaming performance alongside cool & useful features for a great price as well! And there are all sorts of different Viotek gaming monitors, such as ultra-wide, Full HD, 1440p and etc. it’s true that Viotek is a less known company, however they proved to be able to truly deliver very good gaming experience.

      You can check my article of Best Ultra-wide Gaming Monitors and there You will find review for Viotek GN34C Ultra-wide screen with FreeSync 😉

      If You have any questions feel free to message me anytime 😉



  2. Hey Ewald. I am quite amazed by the quality monitor reviews on this Website. Thank you for sharing your review of Viotek GN32Q. This large 32” 144Hz Curved QHD Gaming Monitorscreen has so many high end features for  such an affordable price. I love the design + it is easy to set up. I love monitor the solid color performance with its 98%sRGB coverage.

    1. Hey Barry,

      thanks a lot! I am very happy that You’ve enjoyed my reviews and found them to be helpful. Feel free to message me anytime if You will need any help or advice, I will be more than happy to help You out and assist You.

  3. This is superb! I fall in love with the design, I currently use the Aleinware 25, but I don’t like the design. It takes a lot of my desktop space. The Viotek GN32Q curved screen and its resolution of 2560*1440 is far superior to Alienware 25’s 1,920*1,080. That will be a very good upgrade. Thank you so much for the great review

    1. Hey there,

       I am extremely sorry for the late reply.

      What Alienware monitor do You own currently?

      I am very happy that my content was helpful to You! Let me know if You need any help or advice, I will be more than happy to help You out. Feel free to message me anytime 😉

      Have a great day! 

  4. Hey, it’s me again, I wanted to see what other monitor reviews you have on your website. Viotek GN32Q, this model could be good in a small room, due to not having the ability to adjust the height. Place it on a tv stand or dresser and leave it there.>> I like that it has a modern look. What up with not putting USB ports in the monitors, is that a new thing? This model is missing a lot of input that I use.>>I will see what another review you have. Thanks

    1. Hey LeNard.

      I apologise for such late reply.

      I completely agree with Your idea of putting something beneath the monitor to increase its height. I think this is the best way to battle this problem when it comes to non-height adjustable monitors.

      As far as the lack of USB ports in monitors goes, well I have to say that I am very surprised to see that there’re still handful of displays that don’t come with this feature currently on the market. This is very weird and doesn’t really make a lot of sense for me because it definitely doesn’t cost a lot of money for these companies to implement USB ports in their monitors. In my opinion including USB port in the monitors should become a new standard, and hopefully we will see it in the near future. At the end of the day this is a pretty useful feature for a lot of people, having few extra ports is always a great thing to have, especially for people who may have lap tops that only come with few USB connectivities.

      Thanks for checking out my review and commenting.

      Let me know if You need any advice or help. Feel free to message me anytime.

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