Sceptre C248W-1920R Review – Budget-friendly 1080p Curved Monitor

Sceptre C248W-1920R

Sceptre C248W-1920R is a budget-friendly full HD curved monitor which is shaping up to be excellent choice for those who are looking for good gaming performance, solid color reproduction with superb contrast ratio as well as good build quality, elegant design and few useful features & technologies to go along. So does Sceptre deliver on its promises with C248W-1920R? Lets find out:

Sceptre C248W-1920R


  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080p (Full HD);
  • Panel type: VA;
  • Response time: 5ms (gtg);
  • Refresh rate: 75Hz;
  • Static contrast: 3000:1;
  • Screen size: 24”;
  • Backlight technology: LED;
  • Curvature radius: 1800R;
  • Connectivity: 1 x DisplayPort, 1 x HDMI, 1 x D-Sub;
  • Built-in speakers: 2 x 2W;
  • Brightness: 250nit;
  • Weight: 6.37 lbs with stand;

Strong points:

  • 1920 x 1080p Full HD resolution on 24” screen with 91 ppi (pixels per inch) pixel density deliver sharp & clean image quality with good level of clarity and detail on-screen;
  • 5ms (GtG) response time ensures relatively quick and consistent graphics rendering, therefore making the transitions between fast-mowing objects and scenes on-screen appear crisp and detailed by getting rid of smearing and ghosting effects which cause image blurring;
  • Extended refresh rate of 75Hz creates noticeably smoother and fluid gameplay experience compared to standard 60Hz while also provides sharper and responsive player movement in-game;
  • Elegant and professional-looking design with thin bezels;
  • Comes with its own little screwdriver which surprisingly has good build quality, which is a nice addition;
  • The monitor is very thin as well as light-weight, weighing in at 6.37 Ib with stand;
  • C248W-1920R is the curved monitor, equipped with 1800R screen curvature radius to deliver more immersive and believable visual experience, making you feel more connected to the game or movie world;
  • Great build quality. Monitor’s parts feel robust and well-constructed and don’t make squeaking sound when pushed or pressed. Sceptre uses high quality metal frame alongside metal stand that do great job of keeping monitor nice & steady, without wobbling;  Sceptre C248W-1920R
  • Comes with user-friendly OSD menu which gives users great variety of various settings and options to tweak and adjust picture quality for their liking;
  • Monitor is equipped with Low Blue Light technology which improves user’s viewing comfort by filtering out harmful blue light emitting from the monitor which is known to cause eye strain, headaches, insomnia etc. at high doses;
  • Wide viewing angles allow users to enjoy great, accurate picture quality without any distortion or color shifting at more subtle viewing angles, however at more extreme angles noticeable color shifting can appear;
  • Little effort is required to put this monitor together, it’s very simple;
  • Comes with different pre-calibrated pre-set viewing modes to choose from, such as Cinema, Photo, RTS etc. (just to name few) for various enhanced visual experiences;
  • Superb 3000:1 contrast ration delivers very detailed, oily and deep black levels alongside bright and clear white levels. Such high contrast ratio also greatly benefits color performance by adding stunning color depth and filling colors with richness & vividness, making them look life-like and pop out more;
  • C248W-1920R’s LED display does a good job of producing great color reproduction with wide color gamut as well as good level of consistency & accuracy. Colors appear well-saturated and have natural look to them;
  • Very affordable price tag;

Negative points:

  • Lack of USB ports;
  • Comes with 2 x 2 W built-in speakers, although they produce mediocre sound quality at best, so for more immersive gaming consider buying external speaker set or headphones;
  • No support for variable refresh rate technology like FreeSync or G-Sync;
  • OSD menu buttons are located in the uncomfortable place to reach and use;
  • Limited ergonomic adjustments. C248W-1920R doesn’t come with fully adjustable stand, users only have option to tilt the monitor (no swivel, pivot or height adjustments included);


To sum up, Sceptre C248W-1920R offers an amazing value for the price it sells for- for just a bit more than 100$ users are getting a very good curved LED display with impressive utilization of VA panel to deliver great color reproduction and superb static contrast ratio, alongside extended refresh rate of 75Hz, low response time and Full HD resolution. On top of that, Sceptre brings few useful features & technologies, like ow Blue Light tech and various pre-set modes as well as classy design.

It’s not without its flaws of course and that’s to be expected from such budget-friendly price tag. Unfortunately, the monitor doesn’t come with fully adjustable stand and it lacks support for variable refresh rate technology. Also, the built-in speakers are pretty weak and OSD menu buttons are placed in a uncomfortable place to reach & use, making the navigation through menu options not very pleasant. All in all, Sceptre C248W-1920R is a very good full HD curved monitor and I highly recommend it.

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6 Replies to “Sceptre C248W-1920R Review – Budget-friendly 1080p Curved Monitor”

  1. Wow this beautiful
    This is the first time I am seeing this brand scepter, but from your specification and the picture I think it will be nice. The reason I liked curved monitor is they give the sense of the image “wrapping around you” improving your concentration toward what you are doing. But you said it lacks a USB slot and I really think that is a very big disadvantage for people using flash and USB drives

    1. Hello Bibian,

      Thank You for taking Your time to read and comment on my article I truly appreciate it ! I am very glad you’ve enjoyed my review.

      I have only discovered Sceptre not so along, and so far- I am very impressed with Sceptre’s products. There are truly great performing and suprisingly affordable Sceptre monitors on the market. They proved to be a reliable and high quality brand and I am always looking forward to reviewing products from them. 

      As far as lack of USB ports go, well I don’t think it’s a huge disatvantage necesarry. Of course, I agree that it would be nice to have some aditional USB ports in order to use USB devices in a more comfortable way. Lets say one of the advantages is that a person would not have to gravel around on the floor in the dark to plug the device to the PC which is maybe located underneath the working desktop in a uncomofratble place, but rather connect it straight to monitor which would be much more simplier for example. Or, to connect and use more USB devices at once. Also, if certain USB device doesn’t have long cable and can’t reach PC USB port for example, it would make sense to connect it to the monitor which is usually located closer to the device itself and would not require that aditional cable lenght.  However, the absence of them is not a deal breaker for me personally when it comes to looking for the right monitor to purchase.

      If You have any questions, please message me anytime.



  2. I must thank you for this review Ewald. This monitor is super awesome and I think that it is definitely worth it. What I like the most is resolution of the monitor and that it is very easy to keep it clean because of it design. I will definitely get one until New Year, it will be very powerful to watch movies on it. I can’t wait!

    1. Hey Daniel,

      You’re welcome! I am very glad that You’ve found my review to be informative and helpful, let me know if You need any help or advice. Feel free to message me anytime, it would be my pleasure to help You out! 

  3. Hi Evald, 

    The “Sceptre Curved Monitor” is a very nice looking piece to add to my gaming arsenal. I really like the curved feature. It gives me a wrap around feeling. 

    Thanks for the strong and weak points comparison. This helps me make a better purchasing decision. Good job. 

    You mentioned the 2X2 W built-in speakers as mediocre. Do you have any suggestions for good, inexpensive external speakers? 

    I appreciate the simple effort required to put the monitor together. I don’t like having to build something to use it. I want to just plug it in and go. 

    I love all the options you provide for other monitors. I can tell you have done your research. 

    Very well done, keep it up, Evald. 

    johnny, the Grey Wolf. 

    1. Hey Johnny,

      I am so sorry about the late reply.

      Thank You a lot for taking Your time to comment and read my review. I am very glad that You’ve enjoyed it and found it to be helpful as well as informative.

      At the moment I have not done any research regarding external speakers, but it is something that I consider doing in the near future, so thanks for an awesome idea! 

      Please let me know Johnny if You need any help or advice, I will be more than happy to help You out as much as I possibly can.

      Have a great day! 

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