Samsung CHG90 Super Ultra-Wide Gaming Monitor Review

Samsung CHG90

With CHG90, Samsung raised the bar by making gaming world much more immersive, believable & captivating than ever, by delivering this enormous 49” curved gaming display with its unique & unseen 32:9 aspect ratio. This monitor is currently the widest gaming monitor on the market. CHG90 delivers truly impressive specifications, top-notch gaming performance, incredible level of flexibility while also being feature-packed and much more. There is a lot to cover with this one, so lets take closer look at samsung chg90:

Samsung CHG90

samsung chg90


  • Screen size: 49”;
  • Refresh rate: 144Hz;
  • Response time: 1ms MPRT (Motion Picture Response Time);
  • Resolution: 3840 x 1080p;
  • Panel type: VA;
  • Aspect ratio: 32:9;
  • Curvature radius: 1800R;
  • Adaptive Sync technology: AMD FreeSync 2;
  • FreeSync range: 48-144Hz;
  • Brightness: 350cd/m2 (Typ.), 250cd/m2 (Min.);
  • Screen coating: Anti-glare/Matte;
  • Input lag around 5 ms;

Strong points:

  • Height, tilt & swivel adjustable stand delivers superb level of comfort & provides precision positioning. The back of the stand can be removed to hide cables underneath the cover;
  • Color performance is very impressive. Colors are richly detailed, well-staurated, vivid & natural-looking while also being very accurate & consistent. Samsung Quantom Dot technology further enhances color performance by delivering a billion shades of accurate color;
  • High level of native contrast brings amazing depth & vibrancy to the image with deep blacks & bright whites;
  • Superb implementation of High Dynamic Range takes color quality to the whole new level, delivering breathtaking results making images on-screen appear life-like. HDR makes blacks deeper, brightness higher, colros more detailed and accurate, greater color depth, better contrast, greater color richness & greater range of colors;
  • Easy Setting Box feature lets users to partition the screen into multiple screens of different sizes & ratio for efficient and professional working environment. With this feature, users for example can do their daily work in one window while watching the latest new on BBC in other & or play their favorite video games & so on. Excellent feature for multi-tasking; Samsung CHG90
  • 32:9 super ultra-wide is equivalent to two 16:9 monitors side by side, providing ultimate multi-tasking flexibility without the need for multi-display set-ups with distracting bezels in between, all connected through one cable;
  • CHG90’s factory-calibrated game display modes (FPS, RTS, RPG, or AOS) provide different gaming experiences with each mode being uniquely optimized with various black gamma levels, contrast ratios, sharpness and color value settings;
  • 1800R curvature will leave users with more immersive & engaging feeling of being pulled into the world of gaming or movie watching;
  • Blazing-fast 144Hz refresh rate ensures flawlessly smooth & seamless gaming experience. Users have option to choose between 60Hz, 120Hz & 144Hz refresh rate in the OSD menu;
  • Support for AMD FreeSync 2 technology, which works by synchronizing displays refresh rate with GPU’s produced framerate in order to completely eliminate screen tearing & stuttering to provide buttery-smooth & juddery-free gameplay experience. FreeSync 2 improves upon FreeSync 1 by being compatible with HDR, meaning You can use & enjoy HDR alongside with FreeSync technology at the same time. FreeSync range: 48-144Hz;
  • Black Equalizer feature enhances in-game visibility in dark areas by adjusting the brightness in those dark scenes, without affecting the rest of the image;
  • Eye Saver mode significantly minimizes the amount of Blue Light emitting from the monitor in order to improve viewers visual comfort by protecting eyes from strain & other possible sight related issues. CHG90 further ensures high viewing comfort by being Flicker-free;
  • Super-fast 1ms MPRT (motion picture response time) is an advanced motion blur reduction technology that ensures crisp & detailed gaming performance without annoying effect of ghosting (blurring effect caused by high response times). Users have few response time options to choose from;
  • Great build quality- monitor parts feel robust & well constructed. The stand is heavy, feels high quality & sturdy, supporting the monitor well, not allowing it to wobble; Samsung CHG90
  • Excellent low input lag of 5ms allows for rapid & highly responsive controls and movements in-game;
  • The ultra-wide 49-inch screen with its innovative 32:9 aspect ratio brings ground breaking field of view level making world of gaming & movie watching insanely believable & intriguing/captivating/fascinating. Panoramic view makes You feel like You are right there in virtual world. Thanks to such wide field of view, users get advantage on battlefield by allowing You to spot enemies sneaking up on you from any corner;
  • Wide viewing angles let users enjoy nice picture quality with little to none distortion or color shifting;
  • Arena Lightning adds extra atmosphere by projecting a gorgeous blue pulsating light show on to a wall behind the monitor;
  • OSD menu is user friendly & comfortable to navigate using joystick;

Neutral points:

  • No built-in speakers;
  • Only handful of games support HDR feature on PC as of right now, so users won’t be getting full value out of HDR technology, at least at the moment;

Negative points:

  • Expensive;
  • Despite being the size of two 27” monitors combined, the resolution of Samsung CHG90 (which is 3840 x 1080p) is actually equivalent of two 24” monitors, meaning that image quality is not as sharp & crisp as we would like it to be, performing with 80 PPI (pixels per inch), while regular 24” Full HD monitor performs at 90 PPI & 27” 1440p monitor performs at 110 PPI. Please keep in mind, due to the huge size of the display, users will be sitting further from display than normal viewing distance (50cm), which will make the display look actually relatively crisp & sharp;
  • Requires a lot of desk space;


Samsung CHG90 is truly a ”breath of fresh air”, introducing players to a new, exciting & innovative way to play & enjoy Your favorite games by bringing this enormous 49” super ultra-wide screen to fully take & immerse player to dive into the world of gaming.  CHG90 delivers excellent color performance alongside with HDR, buttery-smooth 144Hz refresh rate, low response time, AMD FreeSync 2 technology, wide viewing angles, low input lag, in other words- everything that You need for stunning & highly responsive gameplay experience.

To take things even further, monitor is feature-packed providing a lot of useful & unique features alongside superb build quality and many other extras. However, image quality in terms of sharpness & crispness is found to be lacking a tiny bit & desired to be improved by making vertical resolution higher, but still- results are definitely more than average & will leave users will relatively crisp images, especially if sitting further away from screen. This is the first & only super ultra-wide gaming monitor as of right now.

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  1. This is such an awesome monitor! I love the fact that this monitor is 144hz because that is what is important to me and the activities that I do on my PC. I will be looking into purchasing one of these in the future and I have seen many other users with this same monitor and enjoy the benefits. Keep up the good work on your website.

    1. Hey Ryan 😉

      Thank You for taking Your time to read my review & comment!

      Feel free to message me anytime if You will need any help or advice 😉



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