Hori Portable HD Gaming Monitor Pro Review

Hori Portable HD Gaming Monitor Pro

Hori is a highly-known and well-reputable company in the video games industry which mainly focuses on delivering high-quality gaming-related devices & gadgets. That being said, today I will be taking as detail look as possible at a very unique and innovative product from Hori, which is called Portable HD Gaming Monitor Pro. It aims to be a refreshing and exciting new addition to the gaming world by providing superb level of portability that allows gamers to play their console from any place of the world that has access to AC power socket, while also delivering low latency gameplay performance with very reactive controls in games.

So without further a do lets jump into a review and see, whether this small & universal transportable screen from Hori is a gimmick, or is it actually a viable & well-performing device that will change the way You play Your games? Well, lets find out:

Hori Portable HD Gaming Monitor Pro

Hori Portable HD Gaming Monitor Pro


  • Resolution: 1336 x 768p;
  • Screen type & size: LCD, 15.6” (with bezels), 13.6” (without bezels);
  • Response time: 5ms (gtg);
  • Weight: 2.65 lbs or 1.2 kg;
  • Dimensions: 388 mm × 240 mm × 14.5 mm;
  • Connectivity: 2 x HDMI, 2 x 30mm headphone jacks;
  • Brightness: 180 nit;

Strong points:

  • It comes with sleek, leatherette protective carrying case which also functions as a stand. It provides three types of positioning (108, 113 and 118 degrees), and each of them deliver surprisingly solid level of stability by preventing monitor from wobbling and keeping it relatively sturdy;
  • On top of this, the case itself brings excellent screen protection, protecting both- back and front of the monitor, which is very effective & useful in case of backpack bumps or accidental drops on the ground or floor. And, it also has a thick elastic strap to hold the cover in place when You are carrying the display around;
  • 2 HDMI ports are fully featured here, which allow users to connect multiple consoles or other type of devices simultaneously as well as instantly switch between using each one of them on the fly;
  • Hori Portable HD Gaming Monitor Pro This gaming monitor doesn’t have an internal rechargeable battery, therefore user is required to be near AC power socket and always have the monitor plugged in. It’s not such a big of a problem in my opinion since user would still end up having to be near power source to plug in the console or PC regardless if monitor had rechargeable battery or not;
  • On the bright side- due to absence of internal rechargeable battery, this transportable screen from Hori doesn’t heat up too much, even when using it extensively for lengthy gaming sessions and long periods of time in general;
  • Hori Portable HD Gaming Monitor Pro sports a 1336 x 768p resolution which at first glance might look rather low, especially when we have a Full HD resolution as a standard at the moment. However, one very important thing to keep in mind is the fact that in reality user would be playing on a 13.6 inch screen (15.6” is the size with bezels included) where a 768p resolution displays an impressive pixel density of 99ppi which is more than enough to deliver a relatively crisp and sharp image quality with solid picture clarity and good level of detail on screen. To get an idea how 768p res would look like on 13.6 ” screen, here is the informative comparison for You: Full HD (1920 x 1080p) resolution on a 24” display has almost 92ppi pixel density compared to nearly 99ppi pixel density which 768p res on 13.6 screen manages to squeeze in. Please note: to get the best image quality when using a 720p, 768p or even 900p display, always select the native resolution of the screen rather than opting for a 1080p output, as upscaling to 1920 x 1080 resolution can result in image upscaling artifacts and blurriness. Always choose monitor’s native resolution to get the best possible picture quality no matter what display You are using;
  • Hori Portable HD Gaming Monitor Pro It’s lightweight, weighing in at around 1.2kg or 2.65 lbs, and it is rather small with its 388 mm × 240 mm × 14.5 mm dimensions. That being the case, users can expect an amazing level of portability here which allows them to move their monitor from one place to the other freely and easily;
  • Super easy to set up. Basically all that is required to do is to plug it in, connect it with a device of Your choice and that’s it- You are ready to use it in a matter of seconds;
  • 4 different picture pre-set modes, such as ”Movie”, ”Game”, ”Standard” and ”Text” are fully present here with each of them prioritizing different color temperature and brightness settings to deliver unique and distinctive visual experiences;
  • 5ms response time does a great job at eliminating image blurring effects such as ghosting or smearing during fast-paced scenes and throughout quick transitions between rapid object & character movements in games. As a result, users are getting a crisp and relatively blur-free image quality at all time, no matter how much of the action is happening in game;
  • This portable device is provided with matte screen finish to eliminate annoying glare from light sources and improve screen visibility by making it clearer. This ultimately leads to more enjoyable experience when playing with friend locally and having to share the actual monitor in the room with intense lighting;
  • When it comes to the quality of sound reproduction, this Hori Portable HD Gaming Monitor Pro transportable display features quite under-powered built-in speakers which provide very mediocre sound quality at best. But thankfully, HORI made sure to include two 30mm headphone jacks so that each player could plug in and use their preferred headset gear simultaneously, without having to share headphones with each other;
  • Hori portable HD gaming monitor is equipped with 60Hz refresh rate to deliver smooth and enjoyable casual gaming experience by creating responsive and fluid transitions between each rendered frame & motion that’s happening in-game. (Please note: this product is mostly catered to console gaming, and console games don’t run above 60FPS, therefore 60 Hz refresh rate is a perfect sweetspot in this scenario in my opinion);
  • Very low input lag makes this portable monitor ideal for fast paced games due to very low delay between user pressing a button and seeing the action being displayed on the screen. Gaming on it truly feels highly responsive and very snappy, especially in quick & action packed game genres such as shooters, racing and fighting games. Having Hori display hooked up next to the TV demonstrates the very noticeable difference in controls latency between these two;
  • Besides protective case and monitor itself , this package also includes AC adapter, HDMI cable (although very short one- 1.6 feet), manual and Hori 1-year warranty;Hori Portable HD Gaming Monitor Pro

Weak points:

  • It’s a bit pricey;
  • The maximum brightness output is around 180 nit which is pretty decent, especially for a portable device, however it’s still a bit less than desirable;
  • Unfortunately, Hori Portable HD Gaming Monitor Pro suffers from poor viewing angles, which ultimately result in very visible color shifting & distortion when looking at the screen from wide angles. Such issues severely detract form the overall gaming experience and in some instances might even kill it (at least for me personally). However, when looking at the screen from more narrow angles image quality manages to remain just fine and doesn’t suffer from these issues mentioned previously nowhere nearly as much, which significantly improves the enjoyment of playing games, so keep that in mind. When playing with friend I would recommend to squeeze in as close to the center of the screen as possible to prevent annoying color distortion as much as possible, and actually enjoy solid image quality with decent color reproduction and screen visibility. If You are playing solo, than You don’t have to worry about these problems at all as You will be looking at the middle of the screen when playing anyways, therefore You will be getting the best picture quality possible all the time;


To sum up, Hori Portable HD Gaming Monitor is a practical and viable piece of tech for people who are looking for a secondary screen which can be easily carried or moved from one place to the other. It is especially useful for those who travel a lot and want to play games while being on the vacation or business trip. Or simply for those who often find themselves going to a friend’s house to play some games locally. Having such portable screen also works great in instances where, lets say a person is playing games on the TV and someone from the family decides that the want to watch a movie on that television, which results in player having to switch quickly from playing on it to continue gaming somewhere else. Not a problem- just unplug HDMI cable from a TV, plug it in Hori portable monitor and You are ready to seamlessly continue playing Your game, as simple as that! This kind of portability is what makes this product so special and useful.

At the end of the day, this device isn’t meant to replace a Television or a gaming monitor, but instead it was originally designed to be a great alternative for gamers who are always on the move and who want to be able to play their games anywhere on the go. In terms of gaming performance, this is where Hori Portable HD gaming monitor shines with its ultra-low input lag for snappy & reactive gameplay experience, 60Hz refresh rate which is a sweet spot for a smooth & enjoyable causal gaming and low response time which brings a clear, blur-free picture quality during quick and hectic scenes in games. The 768p resolution might be a turn of for majority of people when the first see Hori Portable HD Gaming Monitor, but like I’ve discussed in my review- this res does hold up very well on a 13.5-inch screen with its 99ppi pixel density, and it looks rather reasonably sharp & crisp in action. On top of all of this, users are also getting protective case with 3 positionings, built-in speakers with mediocre sound quality and some other extra bonuses like HDMI cable, unique picture pre-set modes, 2 headphone jacks and more.

Unfortunately the biggest and most significant drawback of this product are poor viewing angles which make for some bad & very distracting color shifting when looking at the display from wide angles. Ultimately, this results in two players being forced to squeeze in and sit close to each other when playing with someone locally to prevent annoying color distortion and actually enjoy good image quality at its best. For a good portion of gamers out there this might me a deal-breaker and I totally understand why.

On top of all of this, users are also getting protective case with 3 positionings, built-in speakers with mediocre sound quality and some other extra bonuses like HDMI cable, unique picture pre-set modes, 2 headphone jacks and more. Overall, despite its flaws and high price tag- I have to say, I am quite impressed by Hori Portable HD gaming monitor and I would definitely recommend it as a secondary monitor mainly for the gaming purposes.

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Thank You for checking out my review, I hope it was helpful. Feel free to reach out to me if You have any questions, I look forward to answering them and helping You out.

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