Acer KG221Q Review – Best Budget Friendly FreeSync Gaming Monitor?

Acer KG221Q

Acer KG221Q is currently one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest gaming monitor that comes with AMD FreeSync variable refresh rate, extended refresh rate of 75Hz, low input lag & other impressive specifications & technologies for an entry-level, budget monitor. So lets dive into more details of KG221Q and see how it performs;

Acer KG221Q


  • Screen size: 21.5”;
  • Resolution: Full HD 1920 x 1080p;
  • Refresh rate: 75Hz;
  • Response time: 1ms;
  • Panel technology: Twisted Nematic (TN);
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9;
  • Brightness: 250 nit;
  • Backlight: W-LED;
  • Static contrast: 1000:1;
  • Panel bit depth: 8 bits (6 bits + FRC);
  • Weight: 7.5 lbs / 3.4 kg;
  • Connectivity: 1 x HDMI, 1 x VGA;
  • VESA mount: Yes;
  • Screen coating: Anti-glare/Matte;

Strong points:

  • Image quality of Full HD resolution with 102 ppi (pixels per inch) pixel density on 22” screen looks pristine & sharp with great level of detail & clarity on-screen;
  • 1ms response time ensure fast & very accurate graphics rendering, delivering highly detailed & crisp transitions between fast-moving scenes & objects on-screen, without the annoying effects of ghosting or smearing (blurring effect caused by high response time);
  • Build quality is actually solid, parts feel relatively well-made and the Y shaped stand gives monitor solid level of stability; Acer KG221Q
  • Great level of contrast that can reach a ratio of 1100:1 provides deep and rich blacks, definitely a very nice & surprising addition to this entry-level model, something that a user would expect from more high end TN panels out there;
  • Panel uniformity is overall decent, neither color nor brightness deviation exceeds 5% which is pretty good for such entry-level model. There is slightly extra brightness on the bottom of the screen, however it is rather subtle & doesn’t detract from the enjoyment;
  • 75Hz refresh rate gives extra fluidity & smoothness over 60Hz, therefore making gaming noticeably smoother, sharper in motion and overall more enjoyable & fluid;
  • AMD FreeSync technology synchronizes displays refresh rate with GPU’s produced framerate to eliminate screen tearing & stuttering, therefore ensuring buttery-smooth, tear & stutter-free gameplay experience;
  • Low input lag of around 10 ms delivers highly responsive & snappy controls in-game;
  • Acer VisionCare technology which consists of Flicker-less & Low Blue Light technologies protect user’s eyes from strain, fatigue, irritation & other possible sight related issues that might occur from long gaming sessions by significantly reducing the amount of screen flickering as well as filtering out harmful blue light to ensure comfortable viewing experience;
  • BlackBoost feature enhances the visibility in dark areas & scenes in-game by brightening them, without affecting the rest of the image;
  • User friendly OSD menu;
  • VESA mount compatible;
  • Easy to put together;
  • Very low price; Acer KG221Q

Neutral points

  • The design is rather simple, yet elegant, however uses glossy black finish on parts;
  • OSD buttons don’t feel very snappy or tight, however they are responsive enough to not require second click. Buttons are located on the bottom of the monitor;
  • 8 bit panel with 93% sRGB coverage delivers somewhat decent results for such entry-level monitor in terms of color accuracy, vibrancy & consistency.  These are not bad results at all when You consider the low price of KG241Q;
  • 250 nit brightness level is solid and will provide users a relatively bright images on-screen, however a boost to 300nit would be very welcomed;
  • Viewing angles are actually somewhat solid especially when You consider KG221Q is entry-level TN monitor, at more subtle angles image quality manages to remain pretty good, however at more extreme angles there will be significant color shifting & distortion;

Negative points:

  • Thick bezels;
  • Comes with very weak & low quality sound producing 2 x 1 Wat speakers;
  • No DisplayPort or DVI connectivity inputs;
  • Some users might find 22” screen to be too small compared to rivals that come with 24”, however KG241Q is significantly cheaper compared to rivals prices;
  • KG241Q comes with different pre-set modes, but users & various review sources reported that they skew the contrast & color accuracy pretty badly, resulting in not so great looking picture quality. Thankfully, a lot of uses share their ideal pre-set settings, so definitely check those out for best color accuracy & overall picture quality possible;
  • Lack of ergonomically adjustable stand, users only have option for tilting (no height, swivel & pivot adjustments);


KG221Q is truly an amazing value for the very low price it targets, which is about 100$ on Amazon as of right now. This is one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest FreeSync gaming monitor that actually delivers impressive results in terms of performance & specifications, exceeding my & many other people expectations for such entry-level product. It is great for gaming, as it has AMD FreeSync technology, 1ms response time, FULL HD resolution, great panel uniformity & contrast ratio, low input lag as well as great features & technologies such as Acer VisionCare, BlackBoost feature.

However, it has some flaws & that is to be expected. Unfortunetaly, KG221Q doesn’t come with fully adjustable stand, nor DisplayPort input. It comes with very weak speakers, pre-set viewing modes which are poorly optimized & calibrated and thick bezels which can detract a bit from experience. Overall, KG221Q delivers superb value for the money, making it an amazing solution for those who are looking for budget-friendly gaming monitor.

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10 Replies to “Acer KG221Q Review – Best Budget Friendly FreeSync Gaming Monitor?”

  1. Hi
    Thanks for your Review
    I have been trying to find some good monitors for low price and this is it I think I will have this one for me but for my son I need 140hz do you think Acer have some cheap 140hz monitors?
    But I will for sure get one for my self so thank you for this great Review.
    Best regards

    1. Hey Salomon 😉

      Thank You for Your feedback, I appreciate it ! 😉 I am very glad that You liked my review & found Yourself a monitor that would suit You well 😉 Acer KG221Q is one the best (if not the best) budget friendly gaming monitor with FreeSync, great choice! You can’t go wrong with this one, especially when You consider the budget-friendly price tag and great gaming performance of this monitor 😉 Let me know if You have any questions, I will be more than happy to assist & help You 😉 

      As far as cheap 144Hz gaming monitors go, I have couple reviews of some good ones 😉 Feel free to check them out! Acer GN246HL Review – Affordable 3D 144Hz Gaming Monitor and Acer XFA240 Review – Great Gaming Monitor For Competitive Gaming

      Have a nice day 😉



  2. wow this is a nice size screen fir a gaming monitor. Even better its budget friendly. can’t go wrong. My brother would love one of these, I may have to come back to your site at Christmas and pick him up one , thank you for the recommendation. I wouldn’t know where to begin with picking one of these. 

    1. Hey Jayde,

      I am very happy that You’ve enjoyed my review and found it to be helpful. Feel free to message me anytime if You will need some recommendations/advices or have any questions, I will be more than happy to answer them and help You 😉 Have an awesome day

  3. Wow now this a bargain for the price it’s at right? I am so glad you did this product review when you have. I would like to check out some different similar brands though as I like to shop around. Is there any other make that is comparable in quality and price? Your visuals in this review are excellent too by the way. Thanks Kenny

  4. For $100 this looks to be an excellent monitor, with a fast refresh rate (important for games).

    I don’t mind the thick bezel as it’s not that bad. The only negative for me is the screen size which is a bit small for my personal taste. I’m currently having a 27″ on my desk.

    All in all a great budget monitor which will attract a lot of interest.

    1. Hey Jurgen,

      100$ price tag for Acer KG221Q is an amazing deal in my opinion, truly worth checking out, especially if You are an owner of AMD GPU, therefore You can use and take full advantage out of FreeSync technology. 75Hz refresh rate is a noticeably faster than standard 60Hz which is another big plus for KG221Q, not to mention other great features this monitor has, such as 1ms response time, low input lag and more. Feel free to message me anytime if You have any questions, I will be glad to help You out.

  5. Hello Ewald. Hope you are having a great time and seasons greetings to you. Thank you for sharing your review of Acer KG221Q. Seems like it’s actually one of the best budget friendly freesync gaming monitor out there. The specifications are wonderful + I love the wide screen. For me, large screens make Gaming more enjoyable.

    1. Hello Barry,

      Thank You and I hope that You are having a wonderful time as well Barry!

      I am extremely sorry for the late reply.

      You are welcome 😉 I am very glad that You’ve enjoyed my review and found it to be informative. It is true- Acer KG221Q is easily one of the best, if not the best budget-friendly freesync gaming monitor. Currently, I am on the look for some new cheap and great performing gaming monitors so stay tuned for more content regarding budget-friendly monitors in the near future!

       Feel free to message me anytime if You need help or any advice, I would love to help You.

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