Acer GN246HL Review – Affordable 3D 144Hz Gaming Monitor

Today I will be reviewing ACER GN246HL gaming monitor which aims to deliver great gaming performance with its high refresh rate, low response time, support for 3D gaming and other great specs and features while being very affordable. So let’s take a closer look at GN246HL to see its advantages & disatvantages and what users can overall expect from this monitor.


Acer GN246HL

Acer GN246HL


  • Screen size: 24 inches;
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080p (Full HD);
  • Refresh rate: 144Hz;
  • Response time: 1ms;
  • Panel type: TN (Twisted Nematic);
  • Brightness: 350 nit;
  • Panel bit depth: 8 bits (6bits + FRC);
  • Pixel density: 91 ppi (pixels per inch);
  • Backlight: W-LED;
  • Static contrast: 1000:1;
  • NTSC: around 72%;
  • Input lag: around 12ms;
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9;
  • Screen coating: Anti-glare/matte;
  • Connectivity: 1 x DVI-D Dual link, 1 x HDMI 1.4, 1 x VGA, 1 x 3.5mm headphone output;
  • VESA mount: Yes;

In-depth analysis:

  • GN246HL features a very nice looking design which for me personally looks like a mix between elegant look mixed with gaming-orientated and slight futuristic style to it. Monitor comes with aggressive looking dual-colored X-shaped stand with nifty copper highlights and features a ”very” thin profile. Build quality is actually great, parts feel robust and monitor is easy to put together;
  • 144Hz refresh rate allows for buttery-smooth and seamless gaming experience (make sure Your GPU is capable of displaying such high framerates to utilize full capabilities of 144Hz refresh rate);
  • 1ms response time delivers fast graphics rendering with fast-moving objects and scenes on-screen appearing super crisp and detailed without the annoying effect of ghosting or smearing (blurring effect cause by high response time); Acer GN246HL
  • Image quality of Full HD resolution is sharp and pristine with 91ppi (pixels per inch);
  • Acer GN246HL is equipped with NVidia 3D Vision 2 technology which let’s players to dive into the world of 3D gaming and enjoy some of the most iconic titles in full glory of 3D effects and unreal level of immersiveness. NVidia 3D LightBoost technology further enhances 3D gaming experience by making the screen 2x brighter in 3D mode;
  • Acer Adaptive Contrast Management enhances picture quality by creating/radiating deep blacks;
  • Low input lag makes gaming action feel highly responsive and precise;
  • Flicker-Free technology eliminate screen flickering which can cause eye strain, there for ensuring high level of viewing comfort;
  • Viewing angles are surprisingly pretty solid, especially when You consider it uses TN panel. Of course at more extreme angles there will be noticeable color shifting and distortion, however at more subtle angles it holds up pretty well and manages to maintain great picture quality, GN246HL definitely uses more impressive and high-end utilization of TN panel;
  • GN246HL delivers great brightness level of 350 nits, leaving users with nice and bright images on-screen;
  • Package comes with accessories such as VGA cable, DVI-D cable and HDMI cable;
  • GN246HL monitor uses mercury-free white LED back lighting and meet ENERGY STAR requirements. Acer EcoDisplay technologies deliver up to 68% power savings, further conserving energy and costs. Above all this, Acer packaging is made of recyclable materials, too.
  • Affordable price; Acer GN246HL

Neutral points:

  • GN246HL doesn’t come with built-in speakers, which is a good thing in my opinion, because it lowers the cost on the monitors itself and usually built-in speakers in monitors (there are exceptions though) aren’t very high quality, so most users would still end up investing in a pair of good speakers or headphones for better experience;
  • There isn’t any adaptive sync technology like FreeSync or G-Sync because the monitor launched way before these technologies have been developed and released;

Negative points:

  • No height, swivel or pivot adjustment, users have only option to tilt the monitor/are limited to;
  • Comes with external power supply, however that’s kinda to be expected considering how thin the profile of the monitor is;
  • The monitor takes long time to turn on;
  • Unfourtunetaly white levels are not as impressive/great performing as black levels, they lack in accuracy;
  • No DisplayPort connectivity;


Acer GN246HL is truly a great value for the price You pay. I has blazing-fast refresh rate of 144Hz, low response time of 1ms for crisp and detailed graphics rendering, great brightness level, low input lag, support for NVidia 3D vision 2 and NVidia LightBoost as well/alongside nice design with good build quality.

However the monitor lacks in few areas like ergonomics, where users are limited with tilt option only, performance of white levels unfourtunetaly can’t match the solid performance of deep blacks, lacking in accuracy. Overall, it is a 200$ 3D gaming monitor and in this price range to get the performance and features of GN246HL is very good in my opinion, it delivers.

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